From fleece to finished products through - weaving, knitting, crocheting, lace making, knotting, felting - whatever!

As we were not able to find the materials we needed for our designs we set out to create

our own from locally sourced fleece. We are easily sidetracked and ended up developing in

many different ways, producing a wide range of different materials and products. Like

everyone, we always produce more than we need and are happy to sell our extra materials.


Sarah I'm a busy stay at home mum of three children and novice chicken keeper.  

I graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters Degree in Constructed Textiles,

speciallising in knit. My background and knowledge of traditional techniques has been a

great  basis upon which I develop ideas with a more contemporary twist. Having children

has had a strong influence on the work I produce now, meaning  I have moved from my

early career of producing materials for use within the home as lighting products, window

treatments and screens  to find other practical applications which still show my passion

for textile structures .



Jane I love retirement as at last I have the time to develop my long standing skills of

lacemaking, spinning, weaving and  free knitting and crochet.  Once a teacher always a

teacher and  even after 30 years I still enjoy showing how simple these old crafts are to

learn. I prefer working with British wools and enjoy blending and dying our wide range of

locally sourced fibres to achieve the effects we required.   If you are interested in

working with us or would like to commission us to produce handspun wools or finished

products or to provide attractions at events or wool installations we would be delighted to

hear from you.